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Woody Creek

Pyramid Peak (left) and Daly Peak (with a stripe) Hummingbird feeders would be refilled twice a day to meet with visitor demand As the sun rose and the moon set, I captured a hot air balloon rising (5 o'clock to the moon)
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My parents bought property in Woody Creek, Colorado in 1959 when I was four.  We spent our first summer there in a cabin without electricity.  It was the one ‘home’ that was a constant – at least for 49 years.  I intended to have my ashes buried in the cemetery there, but now my father’s ranch is up for sale.   Patti had lovely gardens, and the views are spectacular. Remembering Woody Creek, years ago, I wrote Winter at the Big House and A Woody Creek Childhood for the Woody Creeker. My dad, George Stranahan authored a history of the property.
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