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About Molly

I am... 

A story-teller and happiness facilitator A program designer and presenter with a background in psychology and personal finances - read my professional  background  A change agent for a sustainable, fulfilling, and just human  presence on this planet A connector A good listener

I try to...

Be loving, respectful, honest, open, accepting, non- judgmental, generous, and responsible for the impact of my actions on the planet Live these values in my daily interactions Look for opportunities to brighten the day of each person  whose path crosses mine by offering a new way for them to  think about themselves and their lives that can bring them  greater peace and serenity, or by bringing a smile to their  face or finding a way to lighten their load

I am happy when...

I am helping someone else figure out how to be happier, and have less stress - learn about my Path to Happiness program I am exploring options and working with others on a vision that will lead to a sustainable, just and fulfilling future for  our planet, learn about Awakening the Dreamer I am connecting people to the resources they need to make  their dreams come true, whether it is information, people or organizations - learn more on Some Favorite Resources Interesting People to Know and Not to Be Missed Experiences I am noticing the beauty that surrounds me - see the  Reflections section

I believe...

Happiness (or ataraxy)* is our natural state, and our unpleasant emotions, triggered by the way we interpret what happens to us, get in the way of experiencing the serenity that is our birthright Everyone can always learn how to be happier My health is affected by my happiness level If we choose our actions based on what truly adds to our happiness (not just what our culture tells us will make us  happier), the world’s needs will be served In being conscious of my impact on others and the planet As humans, we are all imperfect, so I do not expect  perfection and I try not to judge myself and others by our mistakes In the importance and cost- effectiveness of prevention of suffering – whether from poverty, the destruction of the  environment, or the birth of unwanted children In sharing what I’ve learned with the intention of making  other people’s lives happier

* What I mean by happiness  is best described by the

word  ataraxy: a state of tranquility, free from emotional 

disturbance and anxiety. (Random House Dictionary)

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