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Molly Stranahan
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Summer Institute I’ve been involved in creating the Summer Institute since 2000. As volunteers, we create a four-day program annually for a small group (25 or fewer) of participants to address the personal and interpersonal issues that accompany substantial inherited financial wealth. The Summer Institute has been described as a seminar, a retreat, a network in action, a growth experience and a reunion of friends. It is our vision to "provide a safe and broad-minded community for people who have inherited wealth to share their individual experiences while growing and learning from others in an atmosphere of fun and friendship, respect and discovery. Miraval Resort and Spa At Miraval Resort and Spa, spa does not begin to describe the experience of Miraval.  Their focus is on mindfulness --being present.  It is a place of healing and beauty that encourages change towards better health and a happier life. Rockwood Leadership Institute Rockwood Leadership Institute is the non-profit host of Art of Leadership and other training programs designed to build the effectiveness of those dedicated to progressive social change, including donors. Robert Gass is a master of developing people’s leadership abilities. He created Rockwood’s Art of Leadership, and Leading from the Inside Out. I was honored to be accepted into Robert’s first year-long Art of Change training program in 2006-2007. My life has been enriched and deepened as a result – Robert is one of my role models. He and his wife, Judith Ansara Gass, co-lead transformative couples’ retreats, to say nothing of Robert’s musical career. Awakening theDreamer Interesting Peopleto Know Some FavoriteResources Not to be MissedExperiences The Power ofCommunity Books Contact Me