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My Grandmother’s Home

Magnificent wisteria frames the front door In the summer the trees on the polo field hide the river view In the summer the trees on the polo field hide the river view A picture of lilacs brings up olfactory memories – I love the scent Perrysburg has the most magnificent lilac trees - two stories tall This quiet spot reminds me of my Aunt Dinny, who died in 1993 Backyard sunset over the Maumee River June roses This passion flower and other tropical plants fill the geodesic dome, built in the 1980s The community helps design the gardens at 577  There were always fresh picked flowers in the guest rooms – lilacs in spring When I was six, I went to a Hob Haven day camp held on my grandparent’s property
Nine years before her death, my grandmother created the 577 Foundation to open her property in Perrysburg, Ohio to the community and protect green space on the Maumee River.  It brought people and adventure to her home as she aged, and means I can continue to visit the locale of a lifetime of memories.
My grandmother and her younger brother, Jay
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