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Awakening the Dreamer

There's a Movement emerging on Planet Earth, new ways of living which will take us beyond the crises of our age into a world that works for all.  It is an exciting opportunity to connect with people who care about sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment [and who want to play a role in responding to the challenges and opportunities we are confronting]. I am trained as a facilitator to present the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium, which is an unforgettable four- to six hour experience exploring the greatest issues of our time.  The program combines compelling videos of leading experts and contemporary thinkers, combined with thoughtful discussion, and opportunities for future engagement. The experience is designed to awaken attendees to the serious threats that confront mankind at this time, and to uncover the unexamined assumptions that lead to our self-destructive behaviors.  The Symposium then presents a new vision, and a different set of assumptions, that will lead to an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling future, and empowers participants to become 'change agents' supporting the new vision. You can find locations of scheduled Symposia on The Up2Us Symposium site, or contact me to talk about your interest in hosting a Symposium -- whether in your living room for friends and contacts, in your community or associated with a business, school, church or non- profit organization.
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