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Path to Happiness

The Path to Happiness is a philosophy and process for teaching people how to change their attitudes and beliefs to be happier and healthier. Happier and healthier people are more productive and effective in creating a better world. It’s not what happens to us that makes us upset or happy, it is what we tell ourselves about what happens to us that creates our emotional response. We interpret our experiences through the stories we’ve created about ourselves, the world, and what we think we need to be happy. No matter our life circumstances, we can find serenity and joy in the moment by uncovering the stories that create our feelings, and discovering new stories we could tell ourselves that result in happier feelings. The program is an interaction of learning what psychology (and other wisdom traditions) have discovered (or uncovered) and a self- discovery process to apply the knowledge to each person’s unique experience and belief systems. The philosophy is based on the assumption that happiness (or serenity or peace of mind) is our natural state, and that unpleasant emotions (sadness, fear, anger, guilt, shame, anxiety) get in the way of feeling our natural happiness. The process focuses on:   Bringing negative emotions to awareness Identifying them, and what we think is causing them Investigating what can be changed, and what can NOT be changed Uncovering the beliefs related to them  Identifying alternative beliefs Choosing action – either by Changing behavior Changing beliefs Or both It is also about cultivating beliefs and attitudes that lead to greater positive emotions. Many of these techniques are confirmed by research in positive psychology. The beliefs and attitudes include: Gratitude Expressing appreciation Generosity Focusing attention on the positive Accepting what is Letting go of trying to change what isn’t in our power to change In addition, there is self-discovery – learning what our deepest values are, what matters most to us, and making choices to live in alignment with those. The Path to Happiness is based on my life experiences as well as my doctorate in psychology. Right now, I share it by presenting workshops, creating programs, consulting with individuals and organizations, writing and speaking. Workshop programs provide the opportunity to learn in a group, as we learn most effectively when we share stories of our lives, and most people are happiest when they feel connected to others they care about and who care about them. The process involves creating a supportive environment, careful listening, and respect for each individual’s uniqueness: Teaching what is known (or the small part that I know) Sharing stories that illustrate the process Evoking self-awareness Offering options for changing things that cause unpleasant emotions You can learn more about the program from: Reading and “independent study” – go to The Path to Happiness website to explore the materials and exercises Attend a Path to Happiness at Miraval workshop program or feel free to contact me to ask for custom presentations Individual consulting – in person or by phone, supplemented with email. Email me 
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