The Power of Community

I believe in the power of community as a place to learn, a place to feel connected, and a place to find meaning.
Molly Stranahan
© 2016 Molly L. Stranahan
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Bioneers highlights the solutions-focused work and vision of leading scientific and social innovators at their annual conference, and on radio programs, their website and in books. Check out their social network site to learn more about how we can mimic nature’s ‘operating instructions’ to better serve human needs without destroying the web that supports all life. 

Good Grief

To me, Good Grief is the quintessential community psychology intervention. It is an amazingly good-hearted and wise group of people who have created programs that teach adults how to be with children (and anyone, including themselves) who have suffered a loss. They also provide groups for children and adults coping with loss due to death and divorce in their Summit, NJ location.

Green America

Green America is a unique member supported organization promoting social justice and environmental sustainability through economic action. Green America’s work combines four powerful strategies. Their materials are terrific, and the people are amazing. This is a great information resource. I enjoy giving memberships as gifts.

The Needmor Fund

The Needmor Fund is a family foundation that funds community organizing in low- and moderate- income communities where people’s basic rights to justice and opportunity are systematically ignored or denied. Needmor’s investment portfolio has reflected the organizations values since the 1980s.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood stands for the right of every child to be wanted and loved, and their programs support that mission through education, advocacy, and the provision of family planning services. I served on the board of our local affiliate, Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey, and I’m impressed by the work of the national Federation and the International programs.
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