Some Favorite Resources

The web is a fabulous “library” and virtual community.  These are some of my favorite resources.  I guest edit for Service Space’s Daily Good, and have moderated discussions on Bolder Giving’s Featured Giving section.
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Bolder Giving

One of my personal values is generosity.  Bolder Giving has inspired me to be more generous.  I have been inspired by reading the stories of other givers and with their consulting help I created a “generosity strategy.”  Their website feels like a community and I am delighted to be a blog host on their website.

Service Space

Being generous makes us happier – get inspired at Service Space – an all-volunteer organization that focuses on supporting all humans in “being the change.” I love their thought-filled emails – DailyGood which captures a positive story from the  news, KindSpring  which shares stories of generosity, KarmaTube with videos that put a spotlight on unknown people who live their values and the Inner Net Weekly at which offers a thought piece. Service Space is an ever-expanding  ‘incubator of compassionate action,’ and an experiment in living in a gift-economy. I have the good fortune of calling founder Nipun Mehta my friend – be inspired by what his ‘posse’ is doing.

Mrs. Green’s World

My new friend in Tucson, Gina Murphy-Darling, has a wonderful radio show and interesting blog posts at Mrs Green’s World.  She was inspired to become “Mrs. Green” by the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium experience.  She explores how we can live in greater balance with Mother Earth.

Flying Dog Brewery

My father, a beer lover, started Flying Dog as a brew pub in Aspen in 1990.  He brought his kids into the partnership a few years ago.  The ethos is purposeful irreverence and speaking your truth.  There is a great team at Flying Dog and the beer is awesome!


THE place to check the ‘facts’ in email stories. Don’t forward a “warning” email without checking it on Snopes first – your friends will appreciate it.

Project Vote Smart

Be an informed voter! Get the real scoop, rather than relying on political ads and television reporting which seems to report on candidates ads rather than issues. VoteSmart is a great independent information resource on our elected officials. You can look up their voting records, their positions and their rankings by a variety of organizations focusing on particular issues. Candidates are asked to provide information about the positions they would support if elected. I suggest we not vote for anyone who refuses to answer Vote Smart’s Political Courage Test.
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