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Living My Dream Life at Miraval

I fell in love with Miraval and its environs on my first visit in 2002 (photos from those trips).  Spa does not begin to describe the experience  of Miraval.  Their focus is on mindfulness -- being present.  It is a place of healing and  beauty that encourages change towards better  health and a happier life.  Tom and I moved here from New Jersey in September, 2011 and have been happily enjoying Miraval’s gifts ever since.
I'm feeling self-conscious sharing this, but Miraval invited me to be a part of this project, and it was FUN! Marion Kaufer (and the filmmaker Neil Atchley of Commotion Studios) made it a joy-filled experience. The video clips at the end are before makeup, and I wish someone had told me about that hair sticking up from my head. But the whole thing was about not focusing on those little things, and seeing photos as a representation of WHO you are more than what you look like. Thank you Miraval!
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