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My greatest joy comes from sharing with others what  psychology knows about the choices we can make to live  happier, healthier lives.

Molly Stranahan

Founder and Chief Happiness  Advocate of the Path to Happiness,  change agent for a  sustainable, fulfilling, and just  human presence on this planet.
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Molly Stranahan
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I was thrilled to give a graduation speech the graduates of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona on December 19, 2015. I called it The Secret to Success: Choose Happiness!  My new article Buying Christmas Gifts Won’t Make You Happier is on Time.com. If you are visiting Miraval, please look for my Path to  Peace About Money seminar which is often on the   added classes schedule. Like www.facebook.com/pathtohappiness, and you’ll see weekly photo/quotes designed to make YOU happier, and you’ll make me happy with your presence. Read the current Path to Happiness Newsletter and sign up for future editions.
View  “The Secret to Success: Choose Happiness!” Full Text of Speech (PDF)